Rising pop star, Loren Gray, cherishes the value of self-worth in her fiery new music video for “Queen.”

The sixteen-year-old play dueling roles in her newly-unveiled visual, which amassed nearly 3 million views in just a few days. One character appears to be a temptress trapped in a cage – perhaps a metaphor for our seductive inner demons that we keep locked away. The other is a literal queen whose mission is to destroy the jailed beast by setting her ablaze.

BreatheHeavy caught up with Miss Gray to chat about the captivating clip, as well as her new collaboration with Lost Kings, “Anti-Everything,” and what lies ahead.

What do you want people to take away from the “Queen” music video?

When I was thinking about the concept for this video, I really wanted art to imitate the things I was feeling in my life when I wrote the song. It’s that moment when you realize that you deserve to be treated better, and that decision starts with yourself. If you don’t treat yourself how you deserve to be treated, why would other people? It’s important to make a commitment to yourself to not let other people treat you poorly, but you have to destroy the bad habits that got you there in the first place. That’s what this video is all about – visualizing that moment!

What does being a Queen mean?

It’s knowing your self worth, and not letting yourself get in the way of owning that.

What was your reaction to how fans received the track after it was initially released?

I had been waiting for this song to come out FOR MONTHS… and it was such a relief for everyone to hear it. The response was incredible. Hearing how people relate to the song, and how they have been through similar situations really made it all worth the wait. We all go through so many of the same things. It really is therapeutic to talk about the song with my fans, and know that they are dealing with some of the same things I am.

What’s one of the most exciting prospects about working with Lost Kings?

This was my first official collaboration with another artist, and it’s been an awesome experience. When I first heard the song, I really related to it… it was easy to say yes to the collaboration! I got to perform it live with them this weekend, and it could not been more fun. Hopefully it’s just the beginning for Anti-Everything!

Is there another song you’re looking forward in particular to share? Why’s that?

There’s a new song that I just finished with the same team who produced and wrote “Queen” with me… it’s not finished yet, but I’m in love with it and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What do you consider being successful in music means?

Wow, that’s a tough question. If I get to continue release more music and get to go on tour to connect with all of these people I talk to on social media in real life… I’ll be very happy with that.

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