And drags a fan.

Lorde’s music is like a fine wine.

It gets better with time. BUT 10 YEARS? Sis, that’s just not going to work for us. Alright, I’m being a bit dramatic (ME?!!?!), but Lorde started it. The Melodrama singer hopped on Twitter to share an Ah Ha! moment and then dropped the revelation.

“just realising that if i truly want to have the artistic journey i’m capable of in this lifetime i will have to work very fast,” she said. A fan responded with “yeah and not 4 ******* YEARS FOR AN ALBUM.” That did not sit well with the Lorde, and she went in. “no that’s the thing it might be 4 years it might be 10 not gonna make albums that only exist on one plane they have to be supercellular.”

Major props to Lorde for refusing to compromise her art. Honestly, I’m more impressed she managed to work the word “supercellular” into a Tweet. See the exchange below:

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