She is listening to the album on standard Apple EarPods cause we all will, too.



Lorde is torturing us! She posted a photo of her holding the standard Apple EarPods and revealed that’s how she’s digesting her new tunes, because she assumes most of her fanbase will listen to the forthcoming record on them (where are the lies?).

“listen to the record on these every day. wanna hear it exactly how you will,” she said.

You may recall Rihanna did something similar days before ANTi dropped, albeit wearing thousand dollar headphones instead.


Happy 20th Birthday Lorde!

It’s been four years since Lorde took alt-pop by storm with her debut Pure Heroine. At just 16, she blew up the charts with Royals and paved a new path for a minimalist, postmodern urban pop sound and aesthetic.

Then she just kind of vanished.

We’re no stranger to explosive new stars disappearing without a trace, usually for four years. Adele, Frank Ocean, even Beyonce at times. It’s an effective marketing method too, in a world where everyone can see everything, sometimes the best way to build hype seems to be taking the opposite approach – making yourself scarce and absent. Make them realise what they’re missing.

It seems this method has helped Lorde come into her own, as an adult and an artist, if her most recent Facebook post is any indication:

“I made a very deliberate choice to withdraw for a little while from a public life. I haven’t had my hair or makeup done in a year, the free handbags dried up LONG ago, and the paparazzi at the airport are almost always for someone else. And let me tell you, as much as I love being full noise album cycle girl, it’s been a motherfucking joy. (every once in a while I am recognised on the street – one of you breathlessly clutches my hand, shaking and speaking quickly, and I feel this SHOCK of love.)”

For the TL;DR crowd, unfortunately it would appear that Lorde’s second album is still not quite ready yet BUT the album name, cover and tracklist appear to be finalised. Yay!

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