See the first ever performance of Sober and Melodrama.

Lorde gives fans a taste of Melodrama.

Lorde fans were in for one hell of a treat tonight!

The 20-year-old Green Light singer staged her first live show in almost three years, the night before she’ll take the famous Coachella stage.

She announced her spontaneous concert to fans on Twitter, who quickly snapped up the tickets in less than a minute:

Fans at the show recovered a setlist and Melodrama appears to be named “Sober Interlude”, indicating the album title may not serve as a title track, but as an introduction, or establishment of the album’s theme. That theme appears to be painting a stark, bleak picture of what happens in the early hours of the morning after a wild night out.

Listen as Lorde goes into tantalising detail during her first ever performance of Sober:

Can’t wait to hear more.

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