Lorde Declined To Sing At The Grammys Because She Wasn’t Offered A Solo Performance Like All The Other Male Album of the Year Nominees

January 28, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Lorde is taking a stand at the GRAMMYs.

Lorde is taking a stand at the GRAMMYs.

The singer is the only female act in the Album of the Year category, and she’s the only nominee who wasn’t offered the opportunity to perform solo at the Grammys this Sunday (Jan. 28). 

Variety claims the Grammys approached Lorde to perform a tribute to the late Tom Petty along with several other artists – a cover of his song “American Girl” – but she declined. They add that the other Album of the Year nominees, all of whom are male, were offered solo performances. JAY-Z and Lorde are the only AOTY nominees not performing.

Last week, Lorde’s mom, Sonja Yelich, Tweeted a photo of a New York Times article and captioned it, “this says it all.” The NYT article readL “Of the 899 people to be nominated for Grammy awards in the past six years, only nine per cent were women.”

There was buzz Lorde was ditching the awards show altogether, but at the time of posting that doesn’t seem to be the case. TMZ says she’ll skip the red carpet, however.

It’s 2018, the #TimesUp movement is in full effect, and things like this are still going on?

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