Hear the latest Melodrama cut.

Lorde debuts new song “Homemade Dynamite” at Coachella

After a spellbinding secret concert where she previewed new songs in advance of her album release, Lorde took Coachella stage tonight to bring more of the same musical surprises.

During her Coachella set, Lorde debuted another song from her forthcoming sophomore album Melodrama, called “Homemade Dynamite”. Eagle eyed fans will remember it as the crossed out song from the secret concert’s setlist. Clearly, the 20-year-old felt this song needed a bigger stage to launch from. The chorus is dramatic, high pitched and stuttering as Lorde declares she’s “blowing **** up” with “homemade d-d-d-dynamite!”.

Check it out:

Lorde broke into a short cover of Kanye West’s classic “Runaway”:

Before bringing the house down with current single “Green Light”:

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