The double standard between Britney and almost every other female celebrity out there is very apparent. It’s like when the annoying girl you always seem to sit in front of at the movies won’t shutup throughout the entire film. You can’t see her, but you know she’s there.

Check out Christina Aguilera coming out of the Bel Air Hotel late last night, with her security and assistant helping her to the car looking, well… smashed. Just all sounds very familiar – new mommy, late night hotel trips, escorted to the car where she “falls asleep.” This isn’t the first late nighter for Xtina either. In the last 2 weeks, Christina has been seen out clubbing at Villa several times, late night dinners at Little Door, parties in Manhattan etc… This is all just speculation. Could be just an awkward set of pictures, with a funny story behind it for all we know, ya know?

God forbid if she’s going through anything like what Britney went through – being a new mom in the public eye, dealing with the constant scrutiny etc, that the public this time around can recognize there’s an issue, and treat her with more respect and support than Britney got.

I worry about these girls, and I hope I’m making something out of nothing. I really, really hope.

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