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It’s not surprising that cameras caught Kevin Federline’s custody lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan outside of a L.A. club last night. Probably just slammed down a few tequila shots; his favorite. The Vulture is no stranger to the party scene. Just this month Kaplan was spotted with Kevin Federline in Las Vegas celebrating his [K-fed’s] “Father of the Year” award at club Prive.

Kaplan weighs in on some of the custody details (totally unprofessional): “I expect that the [court] order of the day will be to do what’s best for those kids… I think it’ll be an order that enables both parents to be involved in the children’s lives.” He goes on to say there is a custody hearing sometime in August.

I got embarrassed when my dad chaperoned my junior prom – can’t imagine the horror I’d feel if he was standing outside some club with a 2 cent ****** on his arm.

Taking Britney’s money away one tequila shot at a time. He’s in good company…

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