Soooo my brother came to visit me in L.A. last night. Met up with him at the Custom Hotel where he stayed, which by the way is the freakiest ****** hotel I’ve ever seen. Disney’s Haunted Mansion ain’t got **** on Custom. Anyway long story short I’m telling him about the site, and Britney, and you guys, and how I don’t particularly want her to release a new album this year. I’m still pushing for the re-release for reasons I’ve explained a million times before. A September release. 3-4 new *** shakers, a remix, maybe a hidden (ballad) track, along with a new photoshoot and personal message to the fans. “Blackout” is too good to scrap. She wouldn’t even have to promote. Then he suggested something to me that I thought was kind of cool for after the re-release.

Why not have Britney record like 3 mid-tempo acoustic songs she’s written, and post on or BreatheHeavy for the fans to enjoy, completely free of charge. It’s the new thing — Nine Inch Nails have done it, Radiohead etc… Would be a cool little way to slowly get back in the game, and give new material to her fans. In the mean time it gives her more freedom to work on a studio album that can be released late next year. What’s the rush everyone? The girl is finally getting more visitation with her kids… and now some of you want her to promote city to city and tour the world? Certainly the boys can’t go along for that. They’re still babies, she needs this time to be the mom over the popstar. If she needs to have a conservator because her condition is “somewhat tenuous,” then, in my opinion, she probably isn’t ready to promote and tour. But of course I’m not her, I can’t answer that for sure. But a re-release and a few personal, slow-tempo acoustic tracks would be a new venture for her. Original. She could have just 1 show in L.A. – small crowd, sitting on a stool, black background, one spot light on her just playing the guitar or piano and singing a few songs she wrote; have it documented. More intimate, light, meaningful. Release the studio album next year.

Just keep an open mind, but think about the big picture. Great way to start re-inventing herself as an artist, not as the spectacle. I don’t know we were just throwing ideas out there. Something new, experimental. Just wanted to share. Am I crazy? Ok I’ll rephrase. Is that crazy? Or is that kind of a cool idea.


:ends rant:

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