Lola’s new single “Don’t Say You Do” is the first release from her upcoming EP ‘The Magic.’


Lola’s new single “Don’t Say You Do” is the first release from her upcoming EP The Magic.

The sassy power ballad about distrust and dishonesty, which premiered on VMagazine, is based off the singer’s personal romantic experience with rock goth icon Marilyn Manson (allegedly).

Blanc, who originally co-wrote Britney Spears‘ single “Ooh La La,” tells BreatheHeavy the whirling mid-tempo tune “isn’t about a devastating heartbreak so much as it is about just honesty.”

“Being truly, painfully honest is hard, because it starts with being honest with yourself, which can be terrifying,” she said. “Often it can mean having uncomfortable, scary conversations that might not feel good in the short-term. But on the other side of that is freedom. The truth shall set you free!”

Broken trust and fractured faith are recurring themes for Lola, who drew further inspiration for this song and her EP from a childhood experience she had with a con man who preyed on Mormon beliefs and turned into a cult leader.

“There’s no right way to go through a breakup, but I think the most important thing is letting myself really feel what I’m feeling, breathing through it, and finding an outlet when it gets to be too much,” Blanc said of how to deal with a breakup. “Write about it. Paint your feelings. Play a song. Cry to your mom for two hours (my personal favorite). Do something, when you can, and surround yourself with people who love you and will remind you how special you are when you can’t. Remember that you just have to clock the time. It always gets better.”


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