WHEW child!

Ariana Grande is the collab queen this year. She has a bunch of features on the forthcoming Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, including one with Nicki Minaj and Normani, one with Victoria Monet and another with Chaka Khan. She previously released “Don’t Call Me Angel” with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

She also jumped on a remix of Lizzo’s rising track, “Good As Hell,” out now. Ari offers a couple of new verses before the two break into a duet.

Listen below:


Lizzo’s other hit, “Truth Hurts,” topped the Hot 100 for seven weeks, tying Iggy Azalea’s record for longest running #1 by a female rapper ever.

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  1. I just feel like… Okay Ari. I think it’s funny how Ari said she was going to take a break after her last release because she’s tired of her own voice yet she can’t keep out the studio!! Lol She’s a great vocalist… But lyrically I really want impressed with the last don’t she released. Idk.

  2. I don’t get it: why would she release a remix of a song while ANOTHER of her songs is about to break a huge record? Shouldn’t she be putting all her efforts and directing the public’s attention to “Truth Hurts” until she gets that record (which I would HATE if she does, I love Iggy way too much damnit!!)? Or maybe she and her team somehow already know that she has it in the pocket. Ugh I hate this.

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