Liv Dawson Shines On salute’s Summertime Hit “Light Up”

May 5, 2017 By Ross

This is one for the summer playlist.

C’mon Liv!

You may remember a few months ago we discovered Liv Dawson thanks to a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, and we were very impressed.

Her single “Searching” was co-helmed by Disclosure and remains a success in dance-pop perfection, however it was sadly missed by the masses and wasn’t the breakout hit we expected.

Now, the British singer has hopped on salute’s new single “Light Up” for some radio exposure, bringing her soulful vocals to elevate the already-gorgeous springy production.

“Light up / I’m just a fool in love / Watching the world light up / Somewhere in the back of the beyond,” she sings.

If this one ‘pops off’ at radio and streaming then I think Liv should pull a Dua Lipa and re-release “Searching” for the summer. Let’s do it!

Listen to “Light Up” below.

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