It’s tough to be a fan of girl groups right now.

It’s tough to be a fan of girl groups right now.

First, Fifth Harmony announced Camila Cabello quit the band, and Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock was assaulted.

The Sun reports Pinnock was slapped in the face by a man after an altercation between her friend and the unidentified man at the VQ restaurant in central London over the weekend.

“He kept saying, ‘if my girlfriend was here, you would both feel really intimidated,’” an eyewitness told the tabloid. “Leigh-Anne’s friend wasn’t going to let it go. She kept saying ‘no I wouldn’t, no I wouldn’t’. And Leigh-Anne started going, ‘Maybe I would, maybe I would’.”

They continued: “And then he said something like ‘shut up’ to Leigh-Anne’s friend. Leigh-Anne turned around and said, ‘don’t say that to her’ or ‘don’t be rude.’ And he walked around the table and leant into her and gave her a clean slap on the face.”

The diner also noted the man appeared to have been drinking. “She looked completely shocked. She was laughing about it at first but then she completely broke down, crying. Her friend was comforting her.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police were called on Monday, 28 November at around 04:50 hours by a woman who stated that a man had threatened to assault her and had assaulted another woman she was with.

“The suspect made off prior to police arrival. Officers conducted a search of the area and did not locate the suspect.”

Pinnock hasn’t commented on the ordeal yet, but she did post a video on SnapChat which shows what appears to be a gash/bruise on the side of her face.

Sending healing vibes to Leigh-Anne.

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