The girl band won’t stand for pop snobbery!


Despite being the first group ever to win X Factor, Little Mix have always struggled to find massive success.

It shouldn’t be that way, as it’s clear that they are some of the most astoundingly talented vocalists in pop. Still, no amount of visible/audible talent can stop music snobs from clogging up Twitter with their uninformed opinions.

Upon finding out Little Mix were to perform at a gig called TFI Fridays, two people sounded off on their Twitters, complaining about the supposed lack of artistic integrity in pop music today. And they chose 4 of pop’s most prominent songwriters to criticise. Oops.




Refusing to stand by as her band was misrepresented entirely, Jade stepped up and spoke out (read from bottom to top):



The issue of songwriting as the sole measure of artistic credibility in pop has been a controversial one for decades now, for pop stars in general, but with an added scrutiny for female artists. The fact that these men did not even bother to Google Little Mix’s writing credits says a lot about the way people automatically stereotype female pop artists and we commend Jade for setting the record straight!

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