Little Mix share another sample of LM5 with their new anthem, “The Cure.”

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Gaga’s impact.

Little Mix have a new hit on their hands. It’s titled “The Cure,” a pop gem cooked up with TMS, the same producers behind “Wings” and “DNA” off their debut album.

Smart move. The girls made headlines today after Simon Cowell blabbed to the tabloids about their decision to leave Syco for RCA. He even divulged LM didn’t want to record “Woman Like Me” despite its streaming power. Read more about that here.

“The Cure” is a welcome distraction. On the soaring song, the girls are independent and self-assured.

Now it’s me and myself, yeah, don’t need no one else
This happiness was always inside me
But Lord, it took a minute to find me
And this freedom I found is worth a million o’ you now
And I’m puttin’ all my troubles behind me
I only need my heart to guide me

I won’t knock em’ for releasing yet another girl power bop, but I’m ready to see some lyrical growth. Like, we got it, you don’t a man. *Fires up Tinder*

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