Your 8 year old niece will love it.


Little Mix have debuted the visual accompaniment to current single “Black Magic”.

X Factor UK graduates and credited “Pretty Girls” authors Little Mix have unveiled the video for the lead single from their forthcoming and as-of-yet untitled third LP.

The most positive thing that can be said of the Director X production is that it’s reasonably in-keeping with the tone of the track, but depending on your feelings about the song, that might not be the most encouraging piece of news you’ve heard so far this morning.

The clip follows the four British girls around a university campus, as they transform themselves from a veritable geek squad into the four hot ladies that we all know and love, before wreaking some U-rated havoc along the way – all, of course, with the aid of a little black magic.

In the same way that the song is very listenable, the video is actually fairly watchable – perfectly inoffensive and well-shot, it’s hard to argue that it’s not a well-executed attempt. It’s just impossible to feel like this entire era isn’t a huge step-down for the same group who brought us “Move”, “Salute” and even “Wings”. In a misguided bid for universal appeal and a wider audience, it’d appear that Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne have traded in their street sensibility and urban leanings for an image more akin to Selena Gomez circa 2008.

The weakest tracks from Little Mix’s sophomore album were stronger efforts than “Black Magic” and even the simply shot, extremely low-budget clip for “Move” bests their latest video.

Only time will tell if “Black Magic” is simply a misstep or part of a larger problem that’ll plague the entire album but let’s not give up on Little Mix; any band that’s capable of this kind of magic is a band worth keeping around:

Have Little Mix cast a spell on you or are you impervious to their black magic?