Little Mix’s new video for “Woman Like Me,” featuring Nicki Minaj, has arrived.

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Here’s the first taste of the girl group’s fifth studio album.

It’s titled “Woman Like Me,” a fiery, guilty pleasure pop banger (co-penned by Ed Sheeran and Jess Glynn) that finds the women boasting a vulnerable, yet unapologetic confidence.

“I made a few mistakes I regret it nightly / I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve,” the ladies sing over a stomping beat and other production gymnastics. “My momma always said Girl, you’re trouble / And, and now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me.”

Nicki is low-key rubbing me the wrong way with all of the Cardi shade as of late, but there’s no denying her talent is immense (I know that’s the point she’s constantly trying to make, so I made it) – her feature on the track is no exception.

“Soon as I brush up on him, I can tell he like me,” she spits. “You know all them mandem [sic], my trife [sic] they swiped me / Not that they’ve be could afford the ice me / Tell ’em there’s a bad Trini ***** inna your area / But the more bad *******, then the more merrier / Baddies to my left and to the right a little scarier.”

There’s also a video for the track out now. The ladies play into ideals of how proper women should be – they balance books on their heads, clean and eat politely, but the etiquette quickly vanishes in the scenes where they straddle chairs and serve lewks. Nicki Minaj makes a cameo as a painting on the wall. A choice.

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Huge lead single for Little Mix!

Check it out below:

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