Little Mix pick up where they left off with “F.U.”


Little Mix pick up where they left off with “F.U.”

In their lead Glory Days single, “Shout Out To My Ex,” the ladies of Little Mix had a bone to pick with their good-for-nothing ex-boyfriends.

In their new promotional single “F.U.,” they’re still bitter about it.

You’re dirty, disgusting, but I can’t get enough of your loving,” they sing over oddly peaceful production. “Boy I hate you, really hate you / My momma said I shouldn’t date you / You cheatin’, you lying’ / I know that you’re hiding two cellphones / But boy, right before I say that it’s the end… you sweet talk me again.”

There’s a lesson in all of this though:

A, B, C, D, E E EEEE – F.U.

Listen here:

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