“Working Girl” is about faking it till you make it.

Little Boots "Working Girl" Premiere

Little Boots shared her alluring album title track “Working Girl.”

Boots’ (real name Victoria Hesketh) latest release off “Working Girl” is a restoring delivery from the first single, “Better In The Morning,” an ’80s-sounding ditty sampling a version of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love.” The song details the tribulations a working girl experiences, and Hesketh can relate – she left her previous representation after creative differences to cofound her own label, On Repeat.

“Working girl is the title track of the album and really sums up the concept and aesthetic behind it,” Hesketh tells Dummy Mag where the song premiered. “It’s about the pressures of ambition and defining success, faking it till you make it and finding your inner strength. By this point I had a lot of the songs written and working girl almost became a character I was writing for and about, who was part myself and part fantasy. I wrote it with Tom Aspaul, another artist we released on my label, and Grades who’s production i am a huge fan of.”

Via press release, Boots elaborated the entire record represents a similar theme.

“The album’s inspired by my journey from the beginning to the present, where I am essentially CEO of my own business and run an independent label. It’s also fun and empowering to turn the traditional associations of ‘working girl’ on their head.”

Take a listen to the latest from Little Boots:

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