If you’re stuck at the office, this might be the best video for you.

Little Mix Knows How To "Get Things Done"

Little Boots gets to work in her latest video for “Get Things Done” off her recent Working Girl record.

As CEO of her own label On Repeat Records, Little Boots (real name Victoria Hesketh) is celebrating her ventures as an independent business owner with a batch of songs and accompanying visuals to represent the feat.

In her latest visual, Hesketh is surrounded by go-to office items, dressing up the mundane into a stylized form of office art.

Previous to this, Boots released videos for “No Pressure” and “Better In The Morning,” which also deal with the working world.

Hesketh says the record is “about the pressures of ambition and defining success, faking it till you make it and finding your inner strength,” and her latest video for “Get Things Done” is a visual reminiscent of that stance.

Watch below: