Check out McKee’s stunning new previews.

Listen To Two Previews From Bonnie McKee

Singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee’s new music sounds very promising.

Bonnie McKee has written some of the biggest songs of the last 10 years for A-list musicians like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Cher, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson, but now it’s time for the 31-year-old to unleash her own material on us. And you won’t have to wait long!

“I’m actually putting out a new single next week,” McKee told Billboard at the awards show on Sunday, a song which she describes as a “summer banger,” adding the accompanying music video will “hopefully break the Internet” because she will be half naked in it.

In fact, McKee admits she’s taking a page out of Beyonce’s playbook and filming a music video for every song off her upcoming EP out in June.

“I’m making a video for every song, which is very ambitious, especially for an independent artist, but I loving being independent,” McKee told Smashd back in April. “It’s really fun to have complete creative control and not having anyone meddling. I get to set the timelines and I get to decide what it looks like and what it sounds like without any outside opinions other than the important ones of the people that I know and trust. It’s really fun to be a renegade pop artist and not have to play by the rules.”

Today, two incredibly bubbly pop jams of hers leaked onto the Internet, and from what we’ve heard thus far she’s going to have several smashes she can call her very own!


It’s slightly reminisicent of something Kesha would record, but Bonnie McKee’s “Bombastic” has number one written all over it. We assume this is the “summer banger” she referred to in her Billboard red carpet interview. It’s catchy ahhh-ohhs before the bubble gum chorus is pretty much everything missing from radio right now.

In The Wild

Slowing things down, “In The Wild” features milder production, highlighting McKee’s enticing vocals amidst warbly background chatter and exotic drums.

Via Pop-nonstop

“Bombastic” does indeed sound like the summer banger McKee promised us. Now let’s see if she can escape the shadow of her own songwriting talents for other artists and bask in the spotlight on her own.

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