Their new LP is out in January.



High school is a confusing time. The xx highlight a couple of teen’s interpersonal struggles in the “On Hold” music video as they begin to embark into adulthood and leave their adolescence in the Texas sunset.

Watch the Alasdair McLellan-directed clip below:


The xx are back together to help drown out the noise of yesterday.

Four years after the release of “Coexist”, pop’s favorite indie trio have finally announced details of their third album, titled “I See You”, and debuted its lead single.

“On Hold” is the first song to be heard of the group’s new material, and it is clear on first listen that their sound has grown from their first two albums.

The song’s production is much grander than we’ve previously heard, with their trademark minimalist, dreamy soundscapes building into euphoric explosions of synths throughout.

The album, “I See You”, is a 10-track collection and will be released January 13. The trio announced the news on Twitter with a heartfelt message, saying:

We know these are uncertain times and we hope the joy & love we found making the record will get out into the world, in however small a way.

“On Hold” is immediately recognizable as The xx, however it just might be their closest attempt to a ‘pop banger’ yet.

Listen below.

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