Listen To The “Home” Soundtrack

March 19, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Listen To The "Home" Soundtrack

Songs by Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Charli XCX from the “Home” soundtrack found their way onto the Internet.

Bits and pieces of Rihanna’s “As Real As You And Me” and “Dancing In The Dark” made the rounds the last few weeks, but the entire “Home” compilation is here.

The tracklist also includes contributions from Charli XCX’s “Sucker” album in the form of “Red Balloon,” JLo’s “Feel The Light,” Kiesza’s “Cannonball,” Coffee puts forth “Run To Me” and Jacob Plant drops “Drop That.”

It’s a well-rounded mix of artists teaming up to create a solid soundtrack. Jacob Plant’s song is an electro-thumping, bass heavy club anthem not suitable for children, which is exactly why it’s enjoyable. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s additions remain slightly conservative and JLo, well, she’s JLo.

Give the “Home” soundtrack a listen:

Via Ultimate Music

What do you think of the “Home” songs?