Listen To T.I. Featuring Pharrell's "Paperwork"

Work in a corporate job? This song’s for you.

Pharrell finds himself on another feature with T.I. on his new song, “Paperwork,” off his upcoming album with the same title. His latest single precedes “No Mediocre,” “About The Money” and “New National Anthem.”

“’Paperwork’ featuring Pharrell pretty much sums up the tone of the album,” T.I. told MTV News recently. “The cinematic presence of it all. When you listen to the album, top to bottom, it kinda sounds like the score to a movie and I think ‘Paperwork’ is the perfect introduction to that.”

Picture me in ’93, I’m the only man I see
Fresh up off the porch looking for the drop Porsche and the fake ID

Pretty chill! Give it a listen:

You can pre-order “Paperwork” on iTunes.