SZA just keeps ’em coming.

And anotha one!

SZA is working on her own time in the new song “Broken Clocks”, which dropped today.

“Broken Clocks” is another testament to the singer’s incredible talent, the third song to be heard from her upcoming debut album that she has written entirely by herself (besides Travis Scott’s feature), with her heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics and beautiful melodies.

She moves on from an ex from the past who’s still tripping over her, singing: “I’ve paid enough of petty dues / I’ve had enough of ****** news / I’ve had a thing for dirty shoes since I was 10 / Love dirty men alike.”

“Ctrl” – her debut album – finally drops next week (June 9) after years of delays, and it features the singles “Drew Barrymore” and “Love Galore”.

Listen to “Broken Clocks” below.

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