Britney Spears’ “Tom’s Diner” Leaked In Full, Pre-Order On iTunes!

April 24, 2015 By James Dinh

The amazing cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” is finally here!

Britney Spears'

Kick off your weekend with some new music from Britney Spears!

After months of agony wondering what song Britney Spears covered for Giorgio Moroder upcoming record 74 Is The New 24, the time has come to bask in the music. On Friday morning (April 24), snippets of the pop titan’s cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom Diner” hit the blogosphere before hitting the web, and her version sounds just as catchy as the original! Moroder’s “74 Is The New 24” is now available iTunes.

Moroder sings the bridge of the song since Britney reportedly never finished recording the tune.

I open up the paper. There’s a story of an actor who had died while he was drinking. It was no one I had heard of, and I’m turning to the horoscope and looking for the funnies. When I’m feeling someone watching me.

It’s a stunning an original performance from Miss Spears. Her vocals are Robotics 101 backed by a disco-vibe synth background.

It’s important to note she personally requested to sing this song, and the result is an honest revival of an already ultra famous classic.

“Britney came to my management company with the idea to do a particular song with me, which was interesting because usually it’s the other way, with the producer offering a song,” Moroder told Rolling Stone previously.

Take a listen below and pre-order on iTunes!

Funny, cause Britney Spears could probably never casually sit in a diner without a scene, so her rendition will have to do.

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