Prepare to slip under.

Listen To Rita Ora's New Single "Poison"

Rita Ora could have beer for breakfast, her sanity for lunch.

Any and everything just to fill her up.

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Rita Ora’s new single titled “Poison” is a synthy, perfectly crafted for radio pop song that will get you off your feat and singing a bunch of oohs (with alcohol in hand). It’s anthemic and high energy, a genre Ora needed desperately to embrace if she wants to stay on the tip of our tongues for her music and not because of her embarrassing Twitter rants or single-sentence cameo in “50 Shades of Grey.” She saw success with her Calvin Harris-produced jam “I Will Never Let You Down,” but not much since (“Black Widow” / Iggy shade). And when her and Harris’ romantic relationship went sour, all the work Ora created with him went down the drain. This is a new beginning for her, and she’s off to a great start!

Listen below:

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