Listen To Nicki Minaj’s “Bed Of Lies” Featuring Skylar Grey

November 16, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Listen To Nicki Minaj's "Bed Of Lies" Featuring Skylar Grey

Nicki Minaj just made her bed.

Nicki Minaj shares a peek into her past with her latest release, “Bed Of Lies,” featuring Skylar Grey. The two performed a bit of it at the EMA’s a few weeks back, but the studio version is now upon us.

“The song started being written almost a year ago and then she picked it up and wrote her verses on it,” Skylar tells Billboard about the song. “Luckily, she liked the demo of it enough to keep me on the song. I knew it was maybe gonna happen, but she released a lot of different singles first. So I didn’t really know when she was gonna drop this song. And then about a week ago I got a call from her team and they wondered if I could come to Scotland and do the song with them. So yeah, it was the debut of this single featuring me.”

The song’s vastly different from “Only,” a track Nicki recorded with Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Drake. “Bed Of Lies” is a refreshing departure from her usual sound, allowing followers a rare glimpse of her vulnerable side.

“When I heard that she was taking the song I was surprised because it’s not a typical kind of song for her,” Skylar added. “I was very excited when I heard what she did with it. She seemed to take it to a very personal place. And I love that, I love doing that with my songs and my collaborations, bringing out something that’s a little more emotional and personal with the artist.”

Listen to it here:

What are YOUR bed of lies?