Listen To Nicki Minaj Featuring Jessie Ware’s “The Crying Game”

December 11, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Listen To Nicki Minaj Featuring Jessie Ware's "The Crying Game"

All great things come in threes!

Another Nicki Minaj collaboration off “The Pinkprint” found its way online ahead of its Dec. 15 release – this time her song with Jessie Ware called “The Crying Game.”

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Nicki Minaj delivers another emotional rap-ballad, opening up about her devastating breakup in the intro.

We was just planning a wedding, caught cagin’ doves
You was just tellin’ your mans, that you hate the clubs/Now we in the crying game, heart laced with slugs

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Ware provides a sweet and savory performance in the chorus.

“We are back to playing the crying game / Don’t want to let the tears begin”

Listen to Nicki Minaj featuring Jessie Ware in “The Crying Game:”