Listen To Nathan Sykes' "More Than You'll Ever Know"

Nathan Sykes new song “More Than You’ll Ever Know” is quite insightful.

Sykes’ debut single off his upcoming album officially drops in the spring, but The Wanted singer is impatient! He’s sharing it with fans ahead of schedule via Soundcloud, OR download it by signing up with him on his Facebook.

“I wanted to give you a taster of what’s to come and couldn’t wait until the first single. So here’s “More Than You’ll Ever Know”, a track from my forthcoming album. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Is the soulful pop singer crooning about ex-flame Ariana Grande in “More Than You’ll Ever Know?” He told MTV News last month there’s several breakup songs on the upcoming record.

“There’s a few different people that I write about. There’s a couple of breakups that I write about and a few almost romances and what-not,” Nathan revealed. “And there are a couple songs that talk about being in relationships as well, so it’s going to be quite funny when people start to listen to the lyrics.”

“I’m one of those really annoying people for exes, like, I don’t hold grudges whatsoever. And I am one of the people who only takes really positive experiences from relationships and moves forward with it,” he said. “So it’s a really nice song even though it is quite heartbreaking. It’s got a really nice message with it. It’s just the song that [says] you can’t be angry at any situation because sometimes things just don’t work out and you’ve just got to roll with it and move on.”

Give it a listen and let us know what you think in Exhale!