It’s about to get real freaky. Can you feel it?

If you follow Miley Cyrus on Instagram, you know she likes everything ‘fweaky.’

So it only makes sense that one of the songs recorded for her forthcoming self-produced record is titled “Freaky.”

Two low-quality clips of the unreleased song found their way on to Twitter last night and now the track has leaked online in its entirety. It’s unknown whether “Freaky” will appear on her new album or was scrapped from a previous project.

Although, it might not sound like you’d expect – I, for one, was prepared for “We Can’t Stop” on acid, a trippy, curse-filled Banger – but “Freaky” is much tamer than its title would lead you to predict.

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The piano-led ballad puts the singer’s voice at the forefront as she intoxicatedly tells her lover how infatuated she is with them: “I’m a little buzzed so I’m keeping it real / Everything you do just turns me on.”

“****’s about to get real freaky, I can feel it / Don’t you worry, you won’t regret it,” she sings on the **** love song.

It’s a mellow, spaced out ode to infatuation and, assuming it’s an early version, is a decent song – apart from the “na na na” sections, starting at 2:15, that, quite frankly, are a headache.

MC’s fifth studio album is expected to drop soon (potentially for free!) as she prepares to host the 2015 VMAs this month and the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live in October.

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Get ready for Miley’s return.