Listen To Martin Garrix And Usher’s “Don’t Look Down”

March 17, 2015 By James Dinh

Listen To Martin Garrix And Usher's

Here comes a smasha!

Usher’s eighth studio album might still be in limbo, but that doesn’t mean that the superstar is leaving his fans dry without any new music. Just like B, the entertainer appears to have a one-off single strategy in mind as he joins his RCA labelmate Martin Garrix on the DJ’s new EDM banger “Don’t Look Down.”

Listen to the track after the cut:

It might sound like a typical dance affair as Usher sings about a cliche romance that includes all the mumbo jumbo about head spinning, heart racing and bones burning, but “Don’t Look Down” is actually worthy of some repeated listens. Usher takes the cake for that though. Unlike some of his previous bangers, his voice serves as the song’s selling point with delicate falsettos and enough vocal acrobats that almost make you think you’re listening to Xtina.

In the lyric video for the track, we’re given the first person perspective of a gentleman, who has had enough of his crazy boss, so he quits his job and does the usual things you do when you’re unemployed. He heads to a water park, gets his nature on with a little rock climbing and, oh yeah, jumps off a plane for some skydiving. Whatever floats your boat, dude.

Watch the lyric video below!

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