Listen To Marina And The Diamonds' "I Am Ruin"

Marina And The Diamonds’ next “Froot” song leaked ahead of schedule.

Miss Diamonds has plans to share a new song off her upcoming album every month until its release in April, but that plan got foiled no thanks to the Internet and the leak epidemic every artist now faces.

Her latest song, “I’m A Ruin,” was scheduled for a Feb. 3 release, but is now available.

MATD shows off her singing chops in the etherial-sounding power ballad(?), fitting right into the flavorful “Froot” theme. It’s vibe is similar to the other handful of songs she’s released thus far, proving her music marketing strategy is A-grade.

It appears she’s terrified to fall in love in the self-sabotage anthem, “I Am Ruin.”

“I know that I can’t have it all, but without you I am afraid I’ll fall.”

Marina previously released “Happy,” a ballad filled with lonely piano notes and dreary vocals, as well as “Immortal” and the disco funk lead single titled “Froot.”

Does Marina And The Diamonds’ new song for “I Am Ruin” match up? You tell us:

Are YOU scared to fall in love?