We don’t wanna work no more.

Listen To MAGIC!'s #SundayFunday On A Thursday

MAGIC! have a way of making the mundane exciting.

It’s imperative your Sundays involve copious amounts of television watching and junk food grubbing. Really, minimal movement in general is essential. Unfortunately, we must wait six days to enjoy these glorious moments that come so infrequently. MAGIC! translates these unsettled feelings in their laid-back mid-tempo tune titled #SundayFunday (yes, the hashtag is included in the official #title). The track doesn’t appear on 2014’s Don’t Kill the Magic, perhaps serving as the first taste of the group’s upcoming record.

The group performed the song back in May, but the studio version loomed a month and a half before landing online. Check it out (Via UltimateMusic):

Bruno Mars was on to something when he created “The Lazy Song,” and we imagine it was on a Sunday.