Gaga’s new ballad will leave you speechless.

Last month, Lady Gaga revealed that a song she’d written with Diane Warren, “Till It Happens To You,” would be used as the theme for Kirby ****’s upcoming documentary about **** culture.

“The Hunting Ground” had its first screening last night and a fan was there to capture the powerful song’s debut.

The emotional piano-led ballad showcases the singer’s incredible voice, made even more moving by the fact that the topic is one that is, sadly, dear to Gaga’s heart.

“Till it happens to you, you won’t know how I feel,” she sings at the very end of the song as the dramatic strings fade out.

Gaga has always been able to write a powerful ballad but this could easily be her most breathtaking one yet and will undoubtedly be the one to help many listeners around the world.

Bravo, Lady Gaga.