Listen To Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's "Winter Wonderland"

Lady Gaga released a holiday-themed song with Tony Bennett.

Gaga shared a photo of her in the studio a few weeks back, and now we know why. She recorded a festive jazz cover of “Winter Wonderland” with Tony Bennett – a song he’s covered several times over the decades.

It’s possibly one of the most predictable covers the duo could choose, but Gaga’s steering away from anything shocking these days. She admits her focus is solely showcasing her voice and the music.

Gaga said about her jazz craft:

“What I have experienced is just a total ******* joy with music again. There’s nobody autotuning my vocals when I’m not looking. Nobody’s changing the levels or adding production without telling me. It’s just singing. It’s music. It’s live.”

It was announced today the two are set to headline NBC’s ‘New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly.’

It’s cool (get it). Hear it here:

I need a pumpkin spice latte stat.