Listen To Kelly Clarkson's Song With John Legend Titled "Run Run Run"

Kelly Clarkson’s next “Piece By Piece” release is a heart-felt power ballad featuring John Legend.

Kelly teased she had a special male collaboration on her new album, but we didn’t see this one coming! She’s slowly sharing songs from her new album, and her latest song, “Run Run Run” with Legend is a flawless cover from Tokio Hotel.

Previously she released “Heartbeat Song,” but more recently shared her Sia-penned song “Invincible” and the album title track, “Piece By Piece.” She slows things down with her latest installment.

The song, about running from love, starts slow but continuously builds until the duet reaches a powerful climax only these two legendary singers can accomplish.

“I wonder how your body tastes / inside of someone else’s place / pull away your eyes / there’s nothing left to hear / I’m alone but I know everything you feel”

Another touching song from Kelly Clarkson, and finally the ballad we were waiting for.