Listen To Kelly Clarkson's Sia-Penned Song "Let Your Tears Fall"

Kelly Clarkson teams up with Sia for another refreshing “Piece By Piece” classic.

Kelly’s sharing songs piece by piece with her fans this week ahead of her album release on March 3. She jokingly complained it’s hard for her to find a singer to team up with, but she had no trouble enlisting the help of Sia for her new song “Invincible,” or her collaboration with John Legend on the Tokio Hotel cover “Run Run Run.” Kelly also debuted the album title track “Piece By Piece” as well as her playful auto-tune rich jam “Take You High.”

Kelly’s continuing the audio deliciousness with her latest Sia collab “Let Your Tears Fall,” singing “I won’t judge you, I’mma help you through.”

“It was the very first song I recorded for the album,” Kelly tells VH1 of “Let Your Tears Fall.” I recorded it while on tour with Maroon 5, which was a couple of years ago. I loved the song. I got it from Greg [Kurstin], my producer, and he works a lot with Sia. Her project had just finished and he told me they wrote this song and wanted me to hear it. I fell in love with it! I just love the message. It’s about having that person in your life —or people in your life— who can be a shoulder to cry on, or if you want to ***** about something, or anything. So I love having those people in your life, and this song is for that person.

For some reason, our kids call it ‘The Game Song.’ It reminds me of games, like video game music. So my kids, my 8 year old and 13 year old, have renamed the song ‘The Game Song.’

Take a listen here:

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Kelly also shared what it was like working with Sia, music’s hottest (and trendiest) co-writer.

“The cool thing about collaborating on a Sia song is we are very different vocally, but very similar in a sense that we love range. She writes songs that are very rangy, and I love that. Not a lot of writers do that. A lot of writers are trying to get their songs sent to other artists, and not every artist has a big range. So it’s nice that Sia writes these big anthems that are just perfect for me. I love them, and she’s such a talent.”

“I think it’s hard sometimes for other artists to sing Sia because of her inflection. You know how Alanis Morissette has a very distinct style of writing? Like, she finishes phrases beginning with the next phrase, and cuts some words in half. She just has her very own style of writing, and Sia does too. It’s kind of a challenge, but I think we sound so different that I’m never going to sound like her, just because I don’t vocally sound like her in the first place. And I don’t think anyone does—that’s just something about Sia. She’s such a force vocally, and she’s such a stylist that nobody can sound like her. I don’t think anyone should be fearful of that, and that’s a compliment to her.”

“I freaking love her songs. I just love how all of her songs sound like they’re so lived in. She’s really had a life. There’s nothing worse than hearing a singer sing a sad song and you can tell that they’ve never been brokenhearted or never gone through something terribly difficult. It just sounds so vanilla! But when you have people like Sia in the world, you can tell the difference. You can tell that she has definitely had a life, and she lived to tell a story about heartbreak. And you believe it!”