Listen To Kelly Clarkson's "Piece By Piece" Song

Kelly Clarkson releases her album title track, “Piece By Piece.”

Kelly is sharing her new song “Piece By Piece,” one she calls the “most personal” on the album, and after an initial listen it’s clear why.

The song’s about a little girl losing faith in love after her father abandons her, but finds her faith restored when she grows up and falls in love with a man who’d never abandon her the way she once was. It inspires her enough to never do the same to her daughter.

“Your love it isn’t free / It has to be earned / back then I didn’t have anything you needed / So I was worth it”

The song follows “Invincible,” the Sia-penned track she debuted on Monday as well as “Heartbeat Song.”

Listen to it here:

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