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Listen To JLo’s “Booty” Remix With Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea released their “Booty” remix along with the cover art this morning.

Though the shot looks like a painting, it;s pretty fierce, but it’s everything I expected it to be: a pretty, airbrushed shot of JLo and Iggy’s ***. Excuse me, booty.

As for the song, JLo provided no new vocals, though she DID do us a favor and take Pitbull out. Jenny from the block also took a page out of Madonna’s book: find a current ***** in music, **** their youth and feature them on a song.

JLo revealed she and Iggy shot a music video for the remix over the weekend, so that should be interesting. You know Nicki Minaj is sitting back and laughing, like: you tried. #Anaconda

Give it a listen:

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