11 songs and counting.

11 songs and counting.

Charli XCX just released a 10-track mixtape titled Number One Angel, which features collaborations from Cupcakke, MØ, Starrah, Raye and Uffie. On the producer-side of the spectrum, Charli links up with frequent collaborator Sophie on “Roll with Me,” as well as Danny L Harle on “ILY2.” The latter have a lengthy history together creating music, and a song they crafted together titled “Up And Down” that didn’t make the project is getting blasted at Harle’s concerts, though it’d certainly fit in on Angel.

“Fly into the sun / crash into the scene / like an airplane or a submarine,” Charli sings over Harle’s frenetic glitchy production. Think Mario Brothers on acid. “We go up we go down / touch the ceiling touch the ground.”

This is not the live-debut of the song, but the recordings of it thus far have been absolute ****. Listen below:

Stream Number One Angel below:

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