Listen To Charli XCX's

Charli XCX’s new song will make London proud.

Fresh off her new album “Sucker,” Charli XCX released “London Queen” today and it’s fun, catchy and gives me the itch to move to London to be a London Queen as well.

She tells Rolling Stone of one of the song’s collaborators:

“I think Justin Raisen is one of the most amazing producers around right now, and he’s going to blow the **** up in the next couple of years.”

She says it’s one of the only songs that came to her almost completely done.

“That’s something that I would never usually do, take a song that’s basically almost been written for me, but it was a song that Justin made, and I was like, ****, this song is so good and it feels like it’s about me.”

Listen to the banger here: