You’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Listen To Brooke Hogan's Country Tune "Fly Away"

Brooke Hogan’s crossover to country is actually not terrible.

Brooke Hogan, daughter of ex pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan threw in the towel on the whole pop thing (do you recall “About Us” featuring what it do Paul Wall?), instead reinventing herself as a country singer, and we can’t believe it but her new song “Fly Away” is decent.

Mom Linda Hogan warned us of Brooke’s impending return last week, in capital letters no less, preparing us to expect a country tune, but we couldn’t have prepared ourselves for thoroughly enjoying the new tune.

It’s a light-hearted country jingle perfect for Brooke to re-introduce herself as a singer to a new audience, and hey, now that Taylor Swift has stepped into role of famous pop star, who knows what this means for those emerging. Listen to “Fly Away” below:

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