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Listen To BreatheHeavy’s First Podcast About Britney Spears, Pop Music & Blogging

Podcast by: Walker Warren | Photos by: Josh Williams

Jordan Miller from (that’s me!) talked to Walker Warren for an hour about Britney Spears, pop music and the crazy culture of the blogosphere on his Straight Up & Down Podcast.

Listen To BreatheHeavy's First Podcast About Britney Spears, Blogging And Pop MusicTransitioning this site from Britney Spears to pop music news has been a crazy, awesome cluster **** of ups (exclusives, new ventures, Bieber in Calvin Klein) and downs (hacks, server attacks, Instagram deletion), but through the turbulence I’ve learned about the ever-evolving state of pop music.

In the podcast (available for free on iTunes!), I talk in detail about my experience writing Britney Spears content, advice I’d give her to push the boundaries in pop music 2015, Madonna’s “Rebel Heart,” Lady Gaga’s transition into jazz and of course this beautiful website BreatheHeavy. We’re experiencing pop music in real-time thanks to the Internet and social media, and BreatheHeavy is constantly changing and growing as a result of that.

“I’ll never be satisfied [with pop music]. It could always be better, it could always grow. I look at my own self that way. Everything can be pushed to the next level.”

The podcast is my most personal work ever; an insight into pop through the eyes of a dude living in the heart of it. Check out the hour-long chat about your faves below:

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