He says it started out as a garage-rock song that ended up being far more dancey.

Beck Premieres Dance Floor Ready Song: "Dreams"

Beck premieres his summery vision with “Dreams” off his upcoming record.

It appears Beck was ahead of his time! His new song “Dreams” samples the ’80s era like many have in 2015, but tackled it with honest originality and high energy. Beck says he tinkered with “Dreams” for awhile following last year’s folky Morning Phase record.

It is “probably the opposite [of Morning Phase],” Beck told radio station Alt 98.7 in LA. “I was really trying to make something that would be good to play live. It started as kind of this heavy garage-rock kind of thing, and it became much more dance or some other kind of hybrid. It’s just kind of this raw energy thing, and this has a beat as well.”

Beck shows of his unique vocal talents amidst a thumping beat and colorful upbeat background with quirky synths scattered throughout. We’re curious how “Dreams” would sound in its original form as a grunge rock ditty, but we’re here for the final outcome. Listen below: