It wasn’t always so bad with her.


Once upon a time, Azealia Banks was unproblematic and her music was consistently very, very good.

A newly surfaced unreleased demo, “Blossom” is no different; recorded for her 2014 debut “Broke With Expensive Taste”, the house-lite track sees the rapper explore a same-*** romance as she combines her flow and singing.

“It’s called ‘Blossom’ and the song is about a lesbian romance,” Banks explained on Instagram, where she posted the above artwork last night, hinting that a finished version may be released soon.

“Girl you’re looking kinda fun / and I’m feeling very **** / when you wanna text me / I’ll pick you up and level witchu,” she sings on the track.

Azealia’s most recent release – the “SLAY-Z” mixtape – dropped in March to very little buzz or attention, and with her Twitter account now suspended for her homophobic rants it may be difficult to promote her upcoming releases, or to ever recapture the potential she had years ago.

Anyway, listen to “Blossom” below.

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