Plus, listen to features from Wiz Khalifa, Migos and OG Maco.

Fall Out Boy are re-releasing American Beauty/American Psycho with features from hip-hop artists.

We’re hesitant to write about Azealia Banks because of feedback from our readers. Some of you are massively disappointed we utter her name after her recent racist, homophobic tirades (re: Azealia Banks Compares LGBT Community To Gay White KKK).

We agree. She comes off confused and ill-informed, however we can’t deny she has some talent. Bear with us.

In September, Banks announced she teamed up with Fall Out Boy on a remix, then two weeks ago expressed how delighted she was with the mix’s outcome, saying: “Big Love to @falloutboy for inviting me to work with them!!!! I’m excited for you guys to hear it !!”

The time has come. On Friday, Fall Out Boy will release Make America Psycho Again, a compilation of hip-hop remixes of songs from the group’s recent record, American Beauty/American Psycho. It includes contributions from Banks, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, OG Maco and more.

Make America Psycho Again Track List:
01 Irresistible [ft. Migos]
02 American Beauty/American Psycho [ft. A$AP Ferg]
03 Centuries [ft. Juicy J]
04 The Kids Aren’t Alright [ft. Azealia Banks]
05 Uma Thurman [ft. Wiz Khalifa]
06 Jet Pack Blues [ft. Big K.R.I.T.]
07 Novocaine [ft. UZI]
08 Fourth of July [ft. OG Maco]
09 Favorite Record [ft. iLoveMakonnen]
10 Immortals [ft. Black Thought]
11 Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC) [ft. Joey Bada$$]

Take a listen to Banks’ feature plus several other cuts below: