The song that keeps on giving.


A producer teases fans with an unreleased snippet of “Anaconda.”

After winning a VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video this year for “Anaconda,” Nicki has cooled down from the music scene (aside from her guest verse on “The Hills” remix). However, one of the minor producers that worked on “Anaconda” put up a video on Instagram of a snippet of an unreleased verse from the song from when Nicki recorded the track last year with Polow Da Don and Da Internz.

The verse is featured on a slightly different beat than the original song. In it, Nicki raps that she’s better than other girls vying for a certain man’s, um, “anaconda.”

I’m a woman of my word / Ain’t no coochie that’s fatter / Don’t compare to them girls / They drier than Nevada

Lyrically, the verse doesn’t fit in with the final version of the song, which is most likely why it was cut.

Could “Anaconda” originally have been about something else under a different title? We have no clue yet, but the producer teased that we’ll hear the full cut on his new mixtape Hallucinagens coming out soon.

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