Katy Perry is describing this era as “purposeful pop.” Her lead single “Chained To The Rhythm” is a response to the world’s tumultuous social and political climate. She told E! News at the Grammys last month all of her songs “have always had layers to them, never one-dimensional.” She added, “I think I used to be the queen of innuendo and I woke up a little bit more, educated myself a little bit more. Obviously I don’t know all the answers, and maybe I’m a little bit more the queen of subtext.”

The album has “a wide range of feelings and emotions and I just feel a little bit more conscious than I ever have.”

But the pop star we grew up with was all about cotton candy fantasies and squirting whip cream from her breasts. Where’s that Katy Perry? Rest assured… she’s there. “You’re going to have some of that good ‘ol Katy Perry, fluffy stuff that you love so much,” she continued, including on a “pretty sexual” song called “Bon Appé***.”

Perry shared a preview of the song in an Instagram story today. From the mini-clip, it’s got that light-hearted party vibe Katy Kats are kraving. Listen to the latest bite-sized teaser below:

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