Listen To A Teaser Of Hilary Duff’s New Song “Sparks”

March 26, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Listen To A Teaser Of Hilary Duff's New Song

A snippet of Hilary Duff’s song with Tove Lo produced by the talented Bloodshy is here!

Who cares Duff if is still finalizing her upcoming album? She’s already keen on sharing her new sound with fans, including “Sparks,” a catchy tune created by half the team who composed Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

The whistle, her voice, the beat – everything about it is making us ecstatic the Duff is back in the game (for real this time).

Give it a listen below:

She told Time of her song with Tove Lo:

The album has taken on a lot of different lives, which I guess is to be expected when you’ve taken such big break. It is a little bit of electro-pop, a lot of it is just straight-forward pop and some of it has gotten pretty dance-y, which is cool. Some songs still have a little bit of a folky side.

Do you love it? Us too!